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Pulmolab Open Phlebotomy Tray (Economical)

Model: Tray04
The #1 selling Mobile Phlebotomy Tray exclusively on Pulmolab!
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  • Tray04


Lightweight, inexpensive, economical tray holds 30 tubes size 13mm and 40 tubes size 17mm. Racks are cut to fit in this tray. The phlebotomy tray can be rearranged to meet your specific needs.

Each Phlebotomy tray (#Tray04) comes with...

· Phlebotomy tray 16" L x 10.75" W x 4.5" H
· 13mm rack holds 30 tubes
· 2 each 17mm racks hold 40 tubes
· 2 each tourniquet
· Phlebotomy sharp 1 qt. container

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