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Pink Top K2 EDTA Blood Collection Tube 6ml 100/bx

Model: 7899
UPC: 0038290367899
Vacutainer Pink 6ml Hemogard stopper, K 2 EDTA, 10.8mg; Tube size: 13 x 100mm. 100/bx
  • Model
  • 7899
  • UPC
  • 0038290367899


Pink Top blood collection tubes. These tubes are designed with distinguishable Pink Closures to easily differentiate Hematology from Blood Bank Specimens. Each has a specially designed label for required American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) patient identification. All BD Vacutainer Plus Plastic K2 EDTA Tubes may be used for routine hematology testing and blood donor screening.

Specifications- Plastic Tubes; BD Vacutainer Plus; Pink Hemogard stopper, Cross match label; With K 2 EDTA, 10.8mg; 6.0mL Draw;Tube size: 13 x 100mm.


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