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Leukoplast Adhesive Dressing 1 x 3 Strips 100/bx

Model: 76456-06
Everyone asks for Coverlet by name. Now Leukoplast. Adhesive Dressing 1x3 strips 100/BX Old Cat#0231
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  • 76456-06


Leukoplast (Coverlet) Adhesive Dressing 1x3 strips 100/BX (#0231)

Everyone asks for Coverlet by name. Now Leukoplast. Quality with maximum mobility. Finish your draw with a professional touch.

Island dressing design helps eliminate penetration of dirt and contamination

· Fabric flexibility for mild compression to the wound
· Strong bandages conform better to body curves and movement
· Highly water-resistant adhesive sticks under almost any condition
· Virtually painless removal
· Nonirritating wound pad resists sticking to scab