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RPR Latex Agglutination Card Test for Syphilis 500/bx

Model: 900500
Arlington Scientific, Inc.
The ASI RPR Card Test is an 8 minute macroscopic nontreponemal flocculation test for the detection of reagin. 500 test per box.
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  • 900500


The ASI RPR Card Test is an 8 minute macroscopic nontreponemal flocculation test for the detection of reagin. The microparticulate carbon RPR antigen enhances the visual discrimination between reactive and nonreactive results. The reagin antibody binds with the antigen that is composed of a complex of cardiolipin, lecithin and cholesterol particles with activated charcoal; the result of this antigen-antibody reaction is macroscopic flocculation. 500 test per box.

Clinical Significance

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease. It is the third most common disease on the CDC’s reportable disease list. Syphilis is endemic worldwide and fatal if left untreated. Treponema pallidum, the etiological agent of syphilis, induces the production of at least two types of antibody in human infection; anti-treponemal antibody that can be detected by the FTA-ABS test, and anti-nontreponemal antibody (reagin) that is detected using the Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) test.


· Carbon Antigen Suspension Made in USA
· Every Lot CDC Approved
· Easy to Interpret
· Screw Cap Vials - No Glass Ampules
· Warp Resistant Coated Test Cards
· Liquid Controls
· Color-Coded Screw Cap Dropper Vials
· Three Levels - Reactive, Weak Reactive, Nonreactive
· Simple and Economical to Use
· Results on CAP, AAB, and API Surveys
· All Testing Materials Provided
· NCCLS and MSDS Sheets Available
· CPD, CPDA-1 and EDTA May be Used

Sensitivity & Specificity
·Sensitivity : >98%
·Specificity: >99%

· CPT Code 86592
· 510(k)-K851504

Materials Provided - Everything You Need Is Included In The Kit

· RPR carbon antigen
· 3 level color-coded controls
· 18 mm circle test cards
· Disposable stirrer pipets
· Antigen dispensing bottle and dispensing needle Refrigerated Item - MUST SHIP 3RD DAY on Mon & Tues only (unless you are located in California). IF YOU ARE LOCATED OUTSIDE OF CALIFORNIA PLEASE SELECT 3RD DAY OR 2ND DAY FOR YOUR SHIPMENT OPTION.

This test is for professional use only.



As with all laboratory tests, definitive diagnostic or therapeutic decisions should not be based on any single result or method.