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Full Size 16mm Test Tube Rack 72-hole

Model: 27552B
Heathrow Scientific

16mm durable racks are extra tough to resist most acids, solvents, and heat. 

  • Model
  • 27552B


Extra tough to resist most acids, solvents, and heat. 

These durable racks are molded in a single, continuous piece no assembly required and no detachable pieces. Racks are made of polypropylene. Molded index coordinates and flat labeling areas keep samples organized. Not recommended for the autoclave.

· Offers good chemical and heat resistance (0 to 110°C)
· Stable design for use in water baths
· Flat labeling area for easier identification
· Unique tear drop shaped openings for better retention of tubes
· Full Rack 72 places
· Size (127 x 250 x 70mm)
· Color-Blue or Magenta
· Holds tube sizes 13mm-16mm(Bigger tubes SST, Red top and Yellow ACD)
Select color above. (Blue or Magenta)