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EZ- Clean Spill Clean Up Kit

Model: 17121
Individual packaged spill clean kits that is great for mobile healthcare professionals.
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  • 17121


Individual packaged spill clean kits

Great for mobile healthcare professionals.

Includes personal protection items for the clean-up of blood or body fluid spills. Encapsulating and containing potentially infectious spills helps reduce employee exposure to infectious waste, as well as possible cross-contamination of co-workers, customers or family members. Every phlebotomist should have one of these "Just in Case".

Each Kit Contains:
Pair of Vinyl Gloves
Red Z Solidifier (10g. Pouch)
SaniZide Plus Germicidal Wipe (Dimensions: 8" x 8")
Red Bio-hazard Waste Bag (Dimensions: 24" x 24")
Twist Tie
p.a.w.s. Antimicrobial Hand Wipe (Dimensions: 5" x 8")
Paper Towel
and Instructions