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Accustrip URS Urine Strip Reader

Model: UA850
The New CLIA Waived Accustrip URS Urine Strip Analyzer with on-board printer
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  • UA850


The New CLIA Waived Accustrip URS Urine Strip Analyzer with on-board printer

This affordable, reliable, semi-quantitative analyzer is specifically designed for urine tests preformed in, physician offices, urgent care centers and smaller laboratories all by minimizing hands on time and eliminating visual determinations. On-board printer minimizes transcription errors with an easy-to-read print out (comes with 1 roll of printer paper) SOLD TO HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS ONLY.

· To be used with Accustrip URS Urine Test Strips


Non-Touch Operation- Strip analysis begins automatically when placed on instrument. No further input or action is needed.

128 x 128 Pixel Graphic Display- Results for all 10 parameters are clearly and conveniently displayed on one screen. Abnormal results are clearly marked.

Touch-Screen- Easy to use touch screen operation. All functions can easily be accessed with a touch of the screen. An optional external keyboard can be connected to allow convenient input of patient names.

Interface Options- The instrument includes both USB and RS232 interfaces. It can easily be connected to existing Laboratory Information Systems and also to PCs using Accustrip URS Result Control Software.

Small Footprint- Small footprint of only 8" (D) x 6" (W) x 3" (H) enhances portability of device. Combined with option for battery operation, this is the ideal instrument for near-patient testing.

Both Power Battery and External Power Options- The instrument can be powered using a 110/240V autoswith mains adaptor. Optional battery operation allows the instrument to be used wherever it is needed.

Memory for 200 Measurements- Up to 200 measurements can be restored in reader. Using internal software functions, positive readings can be filtered and easily identified, enabling further diagnosis and intervention, when necessary.